Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apply Online to be a Big Brother 14 Contestant

Wow. This is pretty huge news for Big Brother fans and Houseguest hopefuls. Want to be on Big Brother? Tried of mailing in applications or traveling to audition cities like you are trying out for American Idol?

Well now...

YOU can apply to be on Big Brother Online. According to Big Brother 14 Updates,( big brother 14 casting updates via BigBrotherFansBlog.com: Big Brother 14 Casting Now Online), all you have to do now is go to their website and apply online.

I guess it might be helpful if you had the website, right?
Well here it is:bigbrothercasting.tv

Seems they made a brand new website to accommadate all you lazy folks. So go there and apply online to be in the Big Brother House this summer. There is no more excuse for your laziness.

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